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Virtual Academy of Olympia (VAO): NEWSFEED

Inger Owen - VAO Principal



Update September 29, 2021

Due to capacity and staffing, at this time we are not accepting out-of-district students in the Virtual Academy of Olympia.


Update September 6, 2021

Because of the high interest in the Virtual Academy of Olympia program, scheduling and staffing arrangements are taking extra time. Please be patient while waiting to hear back -- someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Every attempt will be made to contact you by the first day of school; however, it may be shortly after that so do not worry. Teachers and staff are prepared to onboard students on a rolling basis and we will make necessary accommodations for students and families that get scheduled into courses after the official first day of school.


For more information about the Virtual Academy of Olympia's programming and enrollment process, visit the program's Enrollment page.


For other news about the opening of school, view the September 6 ORLA and VAO Opening Bulletin



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Our VAO team looks forward to serving students in the 2021-22 school year. We commit to:


  • Developing a learning ecosystem that operates with a focus on equity.
  • Maintaining open and transparent with communication.
  • Designing responsive, student-centered programming based on student need.
  • Supporting students, families and staff in the pursuit of helping students meet and exceed goals.
  • Listening, learning and reflecting to find opportunities to continuously improve.



To learn more about what resources are being used to design the Virtual Academy of Olympia, that we find inspiring and innovative, tune in regularly to this resource. The VAO is an organization that will continuously seek opportunities to learn and innovate, providing meaningful learning for students.

From Global Dignity:



Dignity is a feeling in your core.
A belief in your own worth.
A belief in the worth of others.
With dignity, we lead lives of hope and optimism and compassion,
Guided by a universal ethical compass.
Dignity is the belief that our basic humanity
Is shared with every other person on this planet.



A life of dignity means you are as valuable and important,
worthy and wanted, as any other human being.
It means, fundamentally, that you matter.
And when you believe you matter, then you know
That your voice matters,
Your relationships matter,
And your actions matter.
You have the confidence to act.
You know you will make a positive impact,
That you will work with others
To transform your community -- and the world,
Into one where understanding, compassion and love triumph.
You become a changemaker,
Or what we call a dignity-centered leader.