Safety Tips of the Month

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Madison ES students safely entering a bus


Safety Tips of the Month


October 26, 2022

Washington state law (RCW 392-145-021.3) prohibits large items from being transported unsecured in a school bus. This includes large musical instruments. So, if your child needs to bring something to school or take something home that is heavy, sharp, bulky and/or may be hazardous in the event of an accident or emergency stop, please make other arrangements to transport the item.


All items should be able to fit in the seat compartment with your child safely and never in any part of the aisle way and/or blocking an emergency exit. If you are unsure about a particular item, please speak with your bus driver.



October 3, 2022

It is important that all students listen to their bus driver at all times to ensure that the ride is safe for all passengers. Students should try to keep the noise level on the bus to a minimum so that the driver can hear all passengers, radio transmissions and outside sounds (horns, sirens, etc.)


Olympia School District bus drivers are well trained and are up to date on all transportation safety standards.