Budget update from the Superintendent

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Budget update from the Superintendent
Spring Daffodils

As a result of legislative action in the final hours of the Legislative Session on April 28, the projected budget deficit in our district has been reduced by nearly 80 percent.

While we will still have a deficit next school year, we will not need to invoke provisions for a certificated staff Reduction In Force (RIF). Rather, most of our remaining deficit will be addressed through savings such as reducing materials, supplies and operating costs; not filling a limited number of positions vacated by resignation or retirements; reducing curriculum adoption funding; reducing budgeted reserves; and reducing transportation expenses through route and monitor efficiencies.

These proposed reductions, shared at the May 6 Olympia School Board meeting, will be reflected in a recommended budget I plan to bring to the board at its May 20 meeting.

Thank you,

Patrick Murphy