Dress Code - Biased or Fair Activity

Dress Code - Biased or Fair Activity

The following activity was completed during the September 18, 2018 District Dress Code Advisory Committee meeting.

Let’s play Biased or Fair?



Dress Code Statement




Clothing should not be see through.


Students dress should be compatible with a culture of success.


Shirts and tank tops must cover the stomach, back and chest. Tube Tops, Halter Tops, and tops with only one shoulder strap are not appropriate for school.


Any clothing that distracts from the learning process; creates a safety hazard; promotes drugs, alcohol, tobacco or their usage; is printed with racial/gender or any slurs; promotes violence and hate; contains profanity or any other offensive language or images; implies sexual innuendos; or includes paraphernalia that is gang related (or commonly associated with gangs), should not be worn to school.


Clothing should allow one to move comfortably, but should not be too short, too tight, or too saggy.


Clothing should be modest and thus will need to cover midriffs, cleavage, and any underwear regardless of the action/movement of the student.


Clothing should not allow cleavage or buttock exposure. No mesh tops or see-through clothing.


Inappropriate Attire Includes but is not limited to: Tank, spaghetti strap, tube or halter tops Underwear worn as outerwear Short-shorts and skirts (clothing should reach beyond fingertips) Spandex (pants and shorts) and excessively tight clothing


Teachers and administration have the authority to meet with a student if the dress is creating a safety issue or a disruption to the learning environment. Parents would be notified if the attire is determined by staff to be inappropriate or disruptive.


Appropriate is the key word for school clothes.

Halter-tops, spaghetti straps, and shirts that reveal the belly button should be saved for home.


We also strongly recommend that children not wear flip flop shoes (or send an additional, appropriate pair of shoes for recess and P.E.) to school because of the risk of injury to the feet on our busy playground and/or during P.E. instruction.


Clothing should not be distracting to others (for example halter-tops, spaghetti straps, or cleavage/tummy showing).


Students must dress appropriately, No clothing associated with gang attire or that depicts alcohol or tobacco products.


Shoes with cleats are not to be worn at the school


In general, we will assess the disruption or potential for the disruption of the educational process based on the students' appearance. Failure to comply with the dress guidelines will be considered defiant behavior.