School Boundaries

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School Boundary Map

Find Olympia School District schools on Olympia Schools Boundary Area map and the overall boundaries of the Olympia School District. For a text description of school boundary areas, please reference OSD Policy 3130.

Elementary School Boundaries

Attendance boundaries are established by the Board of Directors. Students are required to attend the school in the boundary area in which they reside. Exceptions may be made in unusual circumstances and require approval from both the sending and receiving school. Transfer request forms are available in each school office and the District Office, located at the Knox Administrative Center. Call 596-6113 if you need further assistance.

Olympia School District boundaries shown are for graphic purposes only. The Olympia School District maps were developed and provided by Thurston County Geodata. Please check OSD Policy 3130 (School Servicing Areas) for the most current boundary definitions.


Middle School & High School Boundaries

The middle school service areas are coterminous with the following clusters of elementary schools.


  • Jefferson: Brown and Garfield servicing areas.

  • Marshall: Hansen and McLane servicing areas.

  • Reeves: Boston Harbor, Madison, and Roosevelt servicing areas.

  • Washington: Centennial, Lincoln, McKenny and Pioneer servicing areas.


The high school service areas are coterminous with middle school boundaries as follows:


  • Avanti: All service areas

  • Capital: Jefferson and Marshall servicing areas.

  • Olympia: Reeves and Washington servicing areas.