Emergency Snow Routes (West)

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f you do not see your student's bus stop listed above and are not directed otherwise, please have your student report to the regularly scheduled bus stop.


If your normal stop is:

Walk to:

17th & Houston

Mix Road & 17th Avenue NW

17th Avenue

Mix Road

20th & Aspinwall (To End)

Aspinwall Road & Aspinwall Court

20th Avenue

Cooper Point or Division

2nd Avenue

McKenzie Road

43rd Avenue NW & 44th Avenue NW

Cooper Point Road NW

Cardigan Loop NW Conger & Cardigan
Cedar Flats & Maple Valley

Delphi Road

Country Club Road & Loop

Cooper Point Road NW

Dundee & Wily Loop

Dundee & Conger

Forest Shores Road

Aspinwall & Aspinwall Court

French Road

26th & Division

Green Cove

Cooper Point Road NW

Harbor View

Crestline & Elliot

Kenyon & Bush

Limited Lane & Kenyon

Klein Road

Cooper Point Road NW

Langridge Loop

Cooper Point Road NW

Munson Road

Delphi Road

North Lewis Road

Driftwood Junction

 Park Dr & Rimrock Ct, Silvan View Ct Park Dr & Park Circle

Summit Lake


Sunset & Simmons

Simmons & Lewis

Sunset Beach & Biscay

McLane Fire Station #92, 3204 36th Ave NW

Tamoshan #1 & #2

Entrance Stop Cooper Point Road NW

Walnut Loop

Walnut Drive

West Bay Marina

Crestline & Elliot

Westwood Housing Development

Cooper Point Road NW

Windolph Turnaround

Cooper Point Road NW

Back Side of Ken Lake Drive

Cambridge Lane or Compton Court

Raft Avenue NW

Crestline Boulevard & Elliot

Wesley Drive NW & Wesley Loop

36th Avenue & Wesley Drive NW

Oak Meadows (McCleary)

Elma Hicklin at Country Line

Elliot Ave between Division & Crestline Elliott Ave & Division St