Music Department

OSD Music Team


About the Olympia School District Music Department:

The Olympia School District has a long history of providing quality music education for students. The elementary program consists of beginning band in 5th grade, beginning strings in 4th grade with an advanced class in 5th grade, and general music K-5. Instrumental music instruction is approximately 90 minutes per week and is during the school day. Historically, general music classes have been one day a week for thirty minutes. With the introduction of the Art/Music/PE (AMP) pilot program in 2019, general music is now two days a week for 35 minutes at most elementary schools.


Music instruction is available daily at every secondary school in Band, Choir, and Orchestra. Additionally, both comprehensive high schools have the Success Oriented Music Education (S.O.M.E.) program for special needs students.


Olympia School District music programs have been long recognized for their excellence in performance, not only through their concerts for friends and families, but also performances at music festivals, conferences, and contests where groups have earned many prestigious awards.


OSD School Board Definition of Equity:

Everyone in our learning community receives the resources, attention, and supports needed to reach full potential.