Schoology for Students

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Schoology: An Introduction for Students


What is Schoology?

Schoology is an online classroom space. It can connect you with your classmates, give you access to course work and be a direct line of communication with your teacher.

Log in to Schoology at School

In the Chrome browser, go to the OSD Bookmarks folder in the Bookmarks bar and select OSD Portal. You may also get to the portal at On the Portal page, click on Schoology. You will use your OSD gmail account to authenticate to Schoology.

Log in to Schoology at Home

In the Chrome browser, go to Use your OSD gmail account to log in.

The Schoology Home Page

Your Home page is the first place you'll land every time you log in to Schoology. It briefs you on activity in your school, courses, and groups. It also keeps you organized by showing important upcoming events and assignments.

Courses and Materials

Access your classes by clicking the Courses tab at the top of the page and navigating to the desired class. From the left menu, you can access class materials, announcements and updates, as well as grades for that course.

Your Integrated Calendar

The calendar located on the left menu of your homepage is a combination of personal, school, group, and course assignments and other items. The calendar is a great way to keep track of your workload and stay up-to-date with past and upcoming events. You can add personal events to your calendar by clicking into a calendar square and completing the events dialog box. You can change the color coding of individual classes by clicking on “All Calendars” at the top of the pane.

The Schoology Gradebook

Select the Grades tab in the left menu of your homepage to see a breakdown of your grades for each course. Click a specific course to view each graded item, your grade, the max points, and any comments from the instructor. You may also download a Student Report by clicking the button in the top right of the page.