Employment Opportunities


PLEASE NOTE: The positions listed below are for current Olympia School District Employees only.  For a list of out-of-district employment opportunities, please go to EdJobsNW. Positions not filled internally will be posted to EdJobsNW after the in-district closing date. 


Current Employee Postings

The Olympia School District Human Resource Office is now accepting transfer requests from current employees for the following positions. Interested district employees should contact the District HR Office (unless otherwise noted) at 596-6185 prior to the closing date.


Administrative Positions

No administrative positions available at this time.

Certificated Positions

School Psychologist

Knox - Student Support

7.12 HPD (Open Until Filled)

Additional Details 


Teacher - Special Education

Madison ES

0.6 FTE - One Year Only (Closes on October 30, 2020)

Additional Details


Teacher - 1st Grade

Pioneer ES

0.4 FTE - One Year Only (Closes on November 3, 2020)

Additional Details


Classified Positions

Substitute Server Helper - Food Services  
Variable Time/Shifts (Open Until Filled)
Additional Details


Substitute Bus Driver - Transportation

Various Shifts (Open Until Filled)
Additional Details


Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) - Student Specific

Jefferson MS

8.0 HPD (Open Until Filled)

Additional Details                


Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) - Student Specific

Hansen ES

6.0 HPD (Open Until Filled)

Additional Details   


Substitute Custodian

Support Service Center

One Year Only (Closes on November 03, 2020)

Additional Details


Paraeducator - Developmental Learning Classroom (DLC)

Marshall MS

6.0 HPD (Closes on November 5, 2020)

Additional Details

Extra Curricular Positions

No extra curricular positions available at this time.