October 1, 2018 Meeting

October 1, 2018

District Dress Code Advisory Committee Meeting



15 minutes: Discuss and decide approach for recommendations

  • Adapt what we have
  • Adapt something new
  • Adopt/adapt an existing outside dress code


10 minutes: Discuss key areas for inclusion

  • Clothing parameters
  • Purpose and goals
  • Implementation guidance 


45 minutes:  Small group focused on the areas identified above

20 minutes: Report out and identify next steps



Attendees: Committee members Ella Meyer, Aren Wright, Ryan Hall, Kylie Phillips and Matt Grant

This meeting began with a discussion of how to move forward with the work ahead. The discussion centered on three options. First, recommendations could be drawn from scratch. The group felt there was not enough time to really craft the language for the recommendations. The second and third options were to adapt either the dress codes that are currently used in the district or adapt the recommendations from the National Organization of Women's Oregon Chapter. The group decided that the NOW guidelines offer the best starting point for language and that our group would start from these guidelines. 

In order to ensure the maximum opportunity to adapt and consider language for the recommendations, the group decided to put the document in a shared folder online. The document will be split into three sections for review by committee members and share by Wednesday October 3. 

The committee discussed some key areas of concern in the district and wanted those items to be called out on the documents so that they could be sure to be addressed. These included the banning of hats/hoods, wearing pajamas, and some other clothing specifics. 

The committee agreed to use the October 10 meeting to finalize the recommendations and offer support for those who will be presenting at the board meeting.