Student Attendance

Student Attendance
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Good afternoon OSD families,


The following is information about how student attendance will be taken this year, including the link to a short Student Attendance Video.


Students will be expected to:

  • Visit and log into the My OSD Portal every scheduled school day to check in with their classes and school district. This check in must be done by midnight of that day.
  • Check in by indicating a thumbs up or down for their classes and optionally leave a comment for their teacher.
  • Check in for all of their classes on that day
    • Elementary - one class per day
    • Secondary - typically three classes a day and advisory on Wednesday
  • Check in from a Social/Emotional and Physical Health status on Wednesdays.


Additional Information:

  • If a student does not check in by midnight, that day will be considered an unexcused absence. A parent/guardian would then go through the regular process of excusing the absence.
  • Teachers will make an effort to mark contact with students who participated but forgot to check in, but the primary responsibility will be on the student to check in daily.
  • Automated attendance calls will occur on the following day.
  • Attendance system data will be included for each student in the Profile section of their My OSD Portal page. This will be coming soon, but is not available at this time.


View the Student Attendance Video