District seeks Ingersoll land use amendment

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District seeks Ingersoll land use amendment

The Olympia School District is proposing an amendment to the City of Olympia’s land use approval for Ingersoll Stadium to remove restrictions on non-district users. This proposal is procedural only and does not include any physical improvements, alterations or modifications to the stadium. This process includes a step where the city notifies neighbors of the district’s request, and that notification has just begun. The district has been through a lengthy process to justify the Determination of Nonsignificance (DNS) (see linked documents below formally released by the City of Olympia).


The proposal removes current limitations on which organizations can use the stadium or facility. The current land use approval, in effect since 2004, only permits the following non-district users of the facility: Thurston County Youth Football League, Youth Soccer Associations, and track meets conducted by the City of Olympia Parks, Arts and Recreation Department. If the new land use were approved, non-district users could include community Lacrosse teams, for example.


The proposal retains all current provisions which limit the times and days of use, limits on noise levels, limits on the size of user group and limits on scope of use. Further, any proposed facility use is still subject to district approval. Please see OSD Procedure 4260P(C) for a complete list of the limiting provisions.


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