Language Access

District Interpretation and Translation Support

The Olympia School District strives to communicate effectively with families of multilingual learners in a language they can understand. As the parent/guardian of a District student, you have the right to participate in your student's education, including communicating with teachers and staff. The District uses the following services to meet the language needs of our community:


OSD Translated Forms

For student enrollment to be finalized, all forms (linked below) must be completed.

In-Person Oral Interpretation

  • In-person interpreters are available in more than 100 languages, subject to scheduling and availability. Contact Erika Molina Duarte in the Teaching and Learning Department by phone at (360) 596-8540 or by email at [email protected] with questions or concerns, or to obtain information or assistance regarding interpretation services. 

  • If no interpreter can be present, District staff will utilize the phone interpretation service, CTS LanguageLink, to communicate with parents.


Phone Oral Interpretation (CTS Language Link)

  • A phone service, "CTS Language Link" provides on-the-spot interpretation in more than 100 languages. Contact your school directly to connect with CTS Language Link.


Written Translation

  • Vital documents are professionally translated as needed and requested, subject to language population size identified on the district Home Language Survey. Written translation is not available on-demand, and can take several days to weeks to process, depending on language requested, length and complexity of document(s) and vendor schedules.

  • Contact the Communications and Community Relations office by phone at (360) 596-6103 or email at [email protected] to obtain information or assistance regarding translation services.


Spanish Message Line

  • The District maintains a telephone message line for Spanish-speaking families who have questions about the Olympia School District.


Online Translation

  • The Google Translate tool instantly translates our district website page content to more than 100 languages. Select the "Language" button in the top right corner of this webpage, and select your preferred language. 


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Translating YouTube Captions


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