Fees & Fines

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At this time the district is mailing Fine and Fee Statements to the parents/guardians of students with an unpaid fine or fee on their account.  This occurs twice a year. 

We recognize that students sometimes misplace library books or text books, and that other fees can slip through the cracks.  This statement is foremost a reminder for families to look for lost books.  Most books can be found, returned to circulation, and the associated fee/fine eliminated.  We go through this process to ensure that we protect our taxpayers’ investments and keep our instructional materials current.

Upon review of your statement, if you are concerned that the fee/fine was not incurred by your student, or that he/she has returned a library book or text book, we will work with you to research and trace down the mistake.  Schools have closed for the summer, but reopen in August.  High schools open first on Tuesday August 5th; middle schools open on Tuesday August 12th; and elementary schools open on Tuesday August 19th.  Please contact the school office staff as a first step to investigating a solution.

If you want to pay the fee or fine, there are a couple ways to do so.  You can access the payment system via Family Access at http://family.olympia.wa-k12.net; on this system you can use a credit card to pay your fee or fine.  Or you can go to the school when it re-opens to make the payment.

If you are unable to pay, or want to set up a payment plan, please contact your student’s principal when the school re-opens in August.

You may also receive notice that your student’s lunch account is overdrawn.  At this time the fee/fine system does not sync with the school nutrition system.  While we hope to link the systems in the future, at this time you may be receiving notifications from two different systems.  You can add to your student’s lunch account by accessing Family Access and navigating to the ‘Food Service’ tab on the left.  Be sure to look at the individual accounts of all of your students.  See the top left of the Family Access webpage for the drop-down menu in red.

If your child has graduated from the district, Congratulations!  If you would like a refund of his/her remaining lunch balance or wish to donate the remaining balance please email: [email protected]