Highly Capable

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School Year Identification Timeline


2022-2023 School Year Identification Timeline

At this time, the Hi-Cap referral window for all grades is closed. OSD is currently reviewing screening results from around the district and will notify families as soon as they are available. We anticipate that to be near the end of May, thank you!




UPDATE: Fall Referral and Screening (October- February, 2022)

All referred students in grades K, 1, and 2 have been screened. The Universal Screening at 5th-grade is also complete. The next steps in the identification process will be for the Multidisciplinary Selection Committee to meet in the first two weeks of February and identify students. For 5th-grade families: This process will be complete before the Middle School Choice programs complete their registration processes. If you would like additional updates and information, please visit our webpage.



  • Please submit referrals for Grades K-1-2 (Oct. 17 - Nov. 19, 2022)
  • 5th grade Universal Screener (no need to refer; all 5th-grade students are screened)



  • K-1-2 CogAT screening will happen at the students’ home school
  • 5th-grade CogAT universal screening will happen at students’ home school


Spring Referral and Screening (March 2023 - May 2023):



  • Grades 4 and 6-12 by referral
  • 3rd grade Universal Screener (no need to refer; all 3rd grade students are screened)



  • 4th grade and 6-12 grades CogAT screening will happen at the students’ home school
  • 3rd grade CogAT universal screening will happen at students’ home school


K-12 Parent Information

OSD Highly Capable Program Identification Video that reviews our referral and identification process & OSD Highly Capable Programs and Services Video.


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New Families

If the student was identified as highly capable in their previous school district, please see specific information under “Highly Capable Transfer Students” in the links on the left side of this webpage.


OSD Highly Capable Definition (WAC 392-170-035)

Highly capable students are students who perform or show potential for performing at significantly advanced academic levels when compared with others of their age, experiences, or environments. Outstanding abilities are seen within student’s general intellectual aptitudes, specific academic abilities, and/or creative productivities within a specific domain.

Critical and Creative Thinking Strategies

One of the focuses of the program is to expand student learning through the development of critical and creative thinking strategies which enable students to make real-world connections as they become independent, lifelong learners. These strategies incorporate 21st Century thinking skills which will help students recognize their growth mindset.


  • Visualization is a sensory strategy used to make connections to what students read and hear as well as to develop outlines, planning and goal-setting.

  • Plus, Minus, Interesting provides students the opportunity to comprehend the positive and negative aspects of what they think and experience. Students are progressing their independent thinking which leads to considering numerous possibilities and insights for more informed decision-making.

  • Encapsulation has students learn to synthesize information concisely.

  • Questioning is encouraged to assist in problem solving.

  • Point of View helps to establish an understanding of recognizing differing viewpoints which enables students to draw a more developed opinion of open-mindedness and potential collaboration.

  • Decisions and Outcomes allow students to gain an understanding of cause and effect relationships and how to deal with consequences of varying degrees.

  • Analogies help students make comparisons, relationships and connections.

  • Mind Mapping is the creation of a visual used to collect and recall information and expand creativity while connecting ideas.

  • Fluency, Originality, Flexibility, & Elaboration - students generate ideas and maintain open-minded thinking to further brainstorming and consider alternatives.

Need additional information? Contact the OSD Highly Capable Program Coordinator.