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Teachers and parents/guardians use our ParentSquare communication tool, but there's also a tool for students inside ParentSquare called StudentSquare. StudentSquare allows teachers and school staff to communicate directly with secondary students (grades 6-12),  and for those students to communicate directly with their teachers.


Each secondary student automatically has an account in StudentSquare based on their email address. Students receive messages via email, but they can also download the StudentSquare app (iOS and Android) and receive notifications.


The Olympia School District utilizes StudentSquare as a communication and organization tool designed to keep students informed and involved in their classes and extracurricular activities. It provides:


  • All school, classroom and group communication in one place

  • Notifications via app and/or email

  • The ability to send and receive direct messages to teachers or coaches (all communications are archived by ParentSquare)



Activate Your StudentSquare Account

  • Open the invitation email. Click Activate your account

  • Create a secure password for your account and enter it in both blanks to confirm the password

  • Click Register

  • Click Yes, This is Me



Download the StudentSquare Mobile App

Download the FREE StudentSquare app for iOS or Android. This is the easiest way for students to receive all posts, events, sign-up requests, photos and files. Students can also enable text notifications when a message is posted.




Log in to StudentSquare


Mobile App:

  • Open the StudentSquare app

  • Enter the email you used to activate your account

  • Tap Continue

  • Enter the password you created for your account

  • Tap Sign In





Set Your Notification Preferences

StudentSquare allows you to customize your notifications based on type and your preferred delivery method. If you are associated with multiple school campuses, you can customize based on your notification type and delivery method for each campus.


The Instant setting will send all post notifications in real time. The Digest setting sends direct messages, alerts, and time-sensitive posts instantly, but sends all non-time-sensitive posts at the end of the day, reducing the number of notifications you receive daily.


Quick Guide

  • On your cell or mobile device, from the Home screen tap the top Menu icon

  • On the left menu, tap on Account and then select Notifications

  • Activate the Notifications you want to receive with the slider on the right, then select your preferred delivery method for if you want Instant or Digest

  • You can also make customized adjustments to how notifications appear for your device by going to your device's Settings, selecting Notifications, and selecting StudentSquare to make changes



Join Groups

ParentSquare allows schools to create Groups for clubs, committees, community forums, after-school programs, college & career prep groups, etc. Groups make it easy and streamlined to share information and organize school events. Join a group that interests you!

Join Groups on a Desktop

  • Select the Home button in the upper left-hand corner

  • Select the Participate section in the left navigation panel

  • Select Groups

  • From the list of Groups, look for public groups with the people icon and select Join to receive posts and notifications from the group


Join Groups in the App

  • Use the bottom row of options to select More

  • More will display in the Participate section, select Groups

  • The app will take you to the web version of StudentSquare and you will view campus groups in your mobile browser

  • Look for public groups with the people icon and select Join next to a group to receive posts and notifications


View Groups In the App

  • On your cell or mobile device, from the Home screen tap the top Menu icon

  • Select Groups from the menu

  • You can view Posts and use the + button to add posts to your Groups



Troubleshooting Issues

With any app, troubleshooting begins by making sure the operating system and app itself is up to date. Before reaching out for help, check to make sure your phone's operating system is up to date and that you have the latest version of the app installed. You can also run a test of your Notifications inside StudentSquare.


Quick Guide

  • On your cell or mobile device, from the Home screen tap the top menu icon

  • On the left menu, tap on Account and then select Notifications

  • At the bottom of the Notifications screen, tap Troubleshoot App Notifications

  • This will run a test of your Device Settings, App Settings, will confirm if your device is registered, and run a Send Test Notification. A green check mark will appear next to each test when it passes. A red exclamation point will appear if the test fails