How does the process work?
A student must be referred (parent, teacher, self-referral) by completing and submitting a referral form. This form must be signed by the parent (or legal guardian) of the student. Once received, schools are notified of which students will need to have MAP testing, and CogAt screening. Teachers will be asked to evaluate the student as well. The Highly Capable office will request this information be completed by a designated date. The tests will be scored and the results evaluated to determine if additional testing is needed.

Upon completion of all assessments, the multi-disciplinary committee will convene and review all of the available information. Results of the committee's evaluation will be made known to the parents and schools once the entire process has been completed. The time frame for this may vary, but the expectation is it will take approximately 3 months from the referral deadline. Typically, notifications for K-2 fall referrals will be at the midway point of the school year and notifications for spring referrals will be in May. 

If my child has previously been identified for Highly Capable services in OSD do I need to complete a referral again this year?

Once a student has qualified for Highly Capable services in the Olympia School District under the current guidelines, they retain this status throughout their schooling in the district unless they opt out of the program. 

When does the designation take effect?
Students in grade K-1 that qualify will have their services take effect at the beginning of the second half of the school year. Students in grades 2 and above that qualify will have their services take effect at the beginning of the following school year. Any students that are new to the district that qualify will have their services take effect upon completion of the evaluation process.

What are the services and in what class will my child be placed?
Students that qualify for highly capable services will be served in their respective classrooms. The types of differentiated services are determined by the student's level of readiness based on what the class is currently learning. Teachers work with instructional coaches to continually provide opportunities for critical thinking strategies and furthering their understanding of the curriculum.

Are there any opportunities for my child to be placed in a self-contained class?
Currently, OSD offers ALPS which is a self-contained 4th/5th class housed at Roosevelt Elementary. Highly Capable students throughout the district are able to apply for enrollment. Jefferson Middle School offers the JAMS program which is for students in grades 6-8. For more information regarding these programs, please go to the ALPS or JAMS links found on the left hand side of this page.

What is the district's outlook for the Highly Capable program?

OSD continually strives to use the most effective methods to serve our students. We take pride in working with our community to develop and implement strategies which offer our students the opportunity to become lifelong learners. Your input is welcome.

If you have any inquiries which were not answered here, please contact the Highly Capable dept.