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Interim Chief Academic Officer:

Inger Owen

[email protected] – 360-596-8547



Director of Learning Acceleration


Content & Service Leads:


K12 & Secondary Instructional Coaches:


Elementary Instructional Coaches:


Char Franz – Director of Whole Child Success

[email protected] – 360-489-4662 (call or text)


Content Leads:


Family Liaison Services (site-based):


Paula Perryman – Director of CCR

[email protected] – 360-999-0906 (call or text)


Program Manager:


Sheralyn WeimerAsst. Director of CTE & CCR

[email protected] – 360-529-6706 (call or text)


Ryan Howland – Director of Projects & Grants

[email protected] – 360-489-5483 (call or text)


Additional Subject Matter Experts:

Adam Stilz - T&L Program Manager


Sandra Gordon - Native Ed. & Tribal Relations Manager


Chelsea Johnson - Curriculum Content Manager