School Facility Efficiency Review

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School Facility Efficiency Review Committee

The Olympia School District recently conducted a re-examination of its future enrollment expectations, and new forecasting suggests that the district will decline in enrollment in the years to come. As it strives to maintain its high level of service to children and families, the school board is seeking advice from its constituents regarding this challenge.


Update April 26, 2024
(The following is a copy of a message sent April 26, 2024 to all OSD families and staff)

The Olympia School Board has accepted a recommendation from the superintendent to balance the 2024-25 district budget without closing any schools.
As a result, Madison and McKenny elementary schools, which the board had explored possibly closing next year, will remain open along with all other OSD schools.


Superintendent Patrick Murphy presented the board with two four-year administrative budget options during the April 25 school board meeting. The two plans, which were emailed to all OSD staff and families on April 24, outlined suggested cuts for the board to consider to balance the budget in the face of a continued projected enrollment decline.

Plan 1, which the superintendent recommended, includes approximately $1.7 million of suggested budget reductions to staffing and services, as well as some non-staffing savings. The plan also assumes a ratio-based staffing model districtwide in which the number of employees assigned to each school is commensurate with its enrollment. 
Plan 1 would achieve a balanced budget in 2024-25, with additional savings projected the following three years.

Murphy explained Plan 1, based on the assumptions outlined in the plan, would allow all schools to remain open “for the next few years while enrollment is closely monitored and increased revenue streams are explored and pursued.” Details about the suggested reductions and other savings are included in the budget planning document emailed April 24 to staff and families.

Plan 2 included the same proposed $1.7 million of reductions with the addition of the closure of Madison and McKenny elementary schools.

The superintendent suggested possible thresholds that would trigger a resumption of school closure consideration including factors based on enrollment and facility use. Directors also suggested a threshold tied to the district’s ability to meet District Improvement Plan goals.

Now that school closure is removed from consideration for the 2024-25 school year, district leadership will continue to refine Plan 1. Some directors and community members voiced concern during the board meeting about school-based staffing cuts in Plan 1.

The final 2024-25 OSD budget is tentatively scheduled to be presented to the board for consideration and possible action in June.

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to the information and resources on this page, we also have a list of Frequently Asked Questions that is updated regularly as questions are raised by the community.



Possible Board Action on School Consolidation April 25, 2024

The Olympia School Board is scheduled to possibly take action on school consolidation during its regular board meeting on Thursday, April 25, 2024.


While the board does not vote/take action during a work session, Board President Hilary Seidel asked directors during the January 29, 2024 work session (view Zoom recording) if any of them objected to the superintendent's recommendation, made on January 25, 2024, to postpone possible action until April 25, 2024. Hearing none, she said the board calendar item would be updated to reflect the April 25 date for potential board action on school consolidation.

The superintendent recommended that the school board move the date for potential action to April 25 to allow more time for the board and community to review a revised and more focused written analysis, posted on the OSD website on January 24, 2024, of the board’s proposal to consider Madison and McKenny elementary schools for consolidation/closure. The revised and more focused analysis incorporates and supplements previously published analyses and makes the relevant information more accessible to potentially affected community members. Additionally, moving potential action to April 25 gives more time for the board to better understand the implications of any legislative funding changes, and for the district to work with labor partners and school leaders.



Update January 11, 2024




Committee Background



Meeting Dates

The committee met eight times (from September 25 -  November 1, 2023). Meeting summaries and related data are posted below:



Committee Facilitator

Shannon Bingham, of Western Demographics, Inc. based in Colorado and Washington state, will lead and facilitate the school facility efficiency review process. At the June 22, 2023 Olympia School Board meeting, Bingham shared about his experience assisting school districts with this type of work and provided a snapshot of the work ahead in this community. He recently met with district leaders and toured the school district to get a firsthand look at OSD facilities.




Policy 6883: Written Analysis Report & Appendices


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