Important Payroll Information


  • Payday is the last working day of the month. Pay stubs are mailed out for December, June, July and August payrolls.

  • Payroll cut-off: 10th of each month (all time slips, payroll changes and Personnel Change Notices must be submitted).

  • For new staff or changes in staff, a Personnel Change Notice must be forwarded to Human Resources. New employees should obtain (by the 10th) a packet (from Human Resources) that contains required forms, booklets, benefit information, bargaining unit agreements or similar.

  • If an employee begins work or makes any schedule changes by the 10th and the Personnel Change Notice is approved, the employee will be paid at the end of that month. Annual pay will be pro-rated over the remaining months between September and August.

  • The Payroll/Human Resources office should be contacted regarding changes for name, address, phone number, direct deposit or W-4. All changes are due by the 10th.

  • Time slips should be turned in for irregularities in employee absence such as sick leave, bereavement, vacation, personal leave, on-the-job injury, emergency leave or similar. Emergency leaves need to be requested in writing and approved by the Human Resources Director before Payroll will process.

  • All employees are to fill out their own time slips. All time slips are to be signed by their supervisor/administrator: NO STAMPS.

  • Overtime must be pre-approved by the immediate supervisor/administrator.

  • New substitutes should complete the new employee paperwork on their first work day and send directly to Human Resources.

  • Payroll/Human Resources should be notified immediately of any emergency leaves (heart attacks, strokes, accidents or long-term illnesses).

  • If an employee has been out sick for three or more days, Payroll/Human Resources need doctor's authorization for the employee to return to work.


Contact Information:

Payroll Office
111 Bethel Street NE
Olympia, WA 98506
Voice: (360) 596-6190
Fax: (360) 596-6191

Tonya Palmer, Supervisor
Amy Griffin, Payroll and Benefits Specialist
Pam Hurley, Payroll Technician
Okcha Pak, Payroll Technician

Kayla Mali, Payroll Technician