Shannon Bingham Bio

Bingham headshotShannon Bingham – Western Demographics, Inc.

Shannon Bingham is a National consultant and works in the most difficult aspects of education planning. He has decades of experience facilitating bond packaging, enrollment forecasting, desegregation, school closure, new school activation, academic calendar and start time changes, public process, military Base Relocation and Closure (BRAC) analyses and complex boundary changes. He has activated hundreds of new schools all over the U. S. and is a specialist in K-8 redeployment and middle school grade reconfiguration.


Mr. Bingham’s reputation in assisting school districts with “right sizing” and school efficiency issues associated with post pandemic enrollment reduction has grown during the past five years. Western is frequently called upon to assist districts with school closures and the firm has assisted with many transitions.


Mr. Bingham has also been engaged in assisting districts in developing competitiveness strategies and understanding charter school market share. He is further used as a program location specialist and has an extensive track record helping to identify school locations for gifted, special education, world language, STEM, STEAM and many other academic specialties requiring locations that best serve regional student clienteles.


Western is considered an expert in the nexus between demographics and education programs. Mr. Bingham has a deep understanding of academic programs and specifically the challenges of maintaining robust secondary school course offerings as school size declines and master schedules limit elective course offerings. As a trained city planner, Mr. Bingham has a unique perspective on neighborhood school function, transportation efficiency, school site location, acquisition and function.


Western Demographics has a reputation as a public process expert and has pioneered the re-invention of stakeholder involvement in the Western U. S. with its “Open House” process and its virtual equivalent. Mr. Bingham is a tactful, inclusive person and has a strong ability to help organizations and committees work through ambiguous, confusing processes. Mr. Bingham works throughout the western U. S. from offices located in Colorado and Washington.